About Us

My sister and I are Pacific Northwest natives, growing up with the natural beauty of water and mountains. I stayed in the NW and my sister settled in the Nechako Valley in northern British Columbia. We spend the summers together, and as with our natures, find ourselves working on projects that are natural, earthly and organic. We began making soap with an interest in making a product that was chemical and preservative free which we would not hesitate to use on ourselves and our families.

We were raised with a rich horticultural and hands-on heritage that we enjoy and treasure. We love the earth and every year become more appreciative of it's wonders.

We are passionate about making soap that is natural and beneficial to our health. We absolutely enjoy the process, from harvesting and drying the herbs, to the melting and pouring of the oils.

All our soaps are handmade in small batches, cut by hand, and cured for 4 weeks. The soaps are produced here in the NW and at my sisters in Northern BC. Only the most natural and freshest ingredients are used. We believe we all need to enhance our appreciation and awareness of holistic self-care and restore a healthy balance in our lives. We take pride in offering a skin care product that will nurture and refresh your body and spirit.

About Us
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